Prefabricated Doors

More frequently, big hotels and residential projects are opting for prefabricated doors for improved finish and consistent quality. We advise utilizing these factory-made doors as well.

Japanese Style Aluminum Windows

Japanese style aluminum windows are a popular choice for modern construction projects due to their sleek design and durability. These windows are made from lightweight aluminum and are known for their energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and long lifespan.


Stone-Textured Manhole Covers

Manhole covers, catch basins, and supply traps are finished with the same granite used on stilts, providing an attractive and consistent appearance.

Matching Bathroom Accessories With Main Bathroom Fixtures

In bathroom design, we often find that the main chrome fixtures such as basin faucets, shower heads, and shower faucets are of a reputable brand, while the chrome accessories like tissue holders, angle valves for geysers, and health faucets are of a local brand. This results in different aging effects on different chrome-finished products over time. To achieve a uniform and aesthetic look, we suggest and use bathroom accessories of the same brand as the main chrome bathroom fixtures.


Ambient and Accent Lighting

Different lighting is preferred for general use and mood setting. We offer both white lighting for general purpose and reading and warm white lighting for a cozy ambiance. This way, both lighting needs can be met separately.

Brick Wall Reinforcements

We suggest reinforcing the brick wall with shoulders to mount doors and windows on the wall rather than the column, improving the aesthetic appeal of the door architraves. This helps in a better installation process.


Niches In Bathrooms

We incorporate one or two wall niches in each bathroom as a standard feature. Niches are practical as they are a permanent fixture and do not protrude like other bathroom accessories.

Marble Skirting Level With Wall Surface

For marble flooring, a typical recommendation is to have the skirting flush with the wall, with a groove between the skirting and plaster. This enhances the aesthetic appearance and allows for easy cleaning. The groove acts as a barrier to prevent any dirt or dust from accumulating along the joint, making it easier to maintain.


Coping On Parapet Walls

Cement coping is used on top of parapet walls on terraces to prevent cracks from water exposure. It is more resistant to weather-related cracking and provides long-term stability. Cement coping helps maintain the appearance and integrity of the wall

Strengthen Your Joints With Mesh Before Plastering

To prevent cracks, mesh is recommended on joints before plaster. This strengthens the joint and reduces risk of cracks, improving the structure’s stability and longevity. Mesh enhances durability and appearance, making it a cost-effective addition.


Strengthen With Grooves On Joint Connections

Grooves recommended on external wall joints between structure and brickwork. This helps reduce visible cracks and maintain wall appearance and stability. Improving the longevity and appearance of the wall.

8 feet High Doors/Windows

Higher windows and doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. They allow for increased light flow, making the home brighter and more lively. This simple upgrade creates a more spacious and welcoming environment.