Smart Living

Take Control of Your Home with Just Your Mobile. Never Come Home to a Cold House Again by Starting Your AC or Geyser Before You Arrive. Plus, Enjoy Easy Maintenance with Our Included Warranty.

Precision Water Temperature Control

Stay Warm and Cozy with Constant Hot Water Temperature in Winters. No More Manual Adjustments of Hot and Cold Water Mixing with Our Thermostatic Valves.

Automate Water Motors Effortlessly

Enhance Your Home with Our Expertly Installed Automated Water Motors. Benefit from Auto-Starting and Stopping Based on Water Levels or Supply. Plus, Keep Track of Your Kitchen Water Level with Our Included Indicator.

Heat Reflective Tiles

Stay Comfortable Year-Round with Our Heat Reflective Terrace Tiles. These Tiles Reflect Sun Heat, Keeping Your Third Floor Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter. Enjoy Improved Comfort and Save on Your Electricity Bill.


Experience Enhanced Security

Enjoy Convenient and Secure Access to Your Home with Our Biometric Locks. Use a Traditional Key, Fingerprint or Pin for Flexible Entry at Your Main Door. Say Goodbye to Lost Keys and Unauthorized Access.

Inverter Provisioning

we include provisioning for all lights, fans, and 6-amp points to be connected to the inverter. However, you have the flexibility to operate any of these points through the inverter based on your needs and the capacity of the inverter. This is a departure from the traditional approach where only a limited number of selected points would be connected to the inverter.


Increased and Autonomous Parking

Our goal is to maximize the number of car parks and ensure independent parking for each floor through careful architectural and structural design.

Underground Airflow Solutions

Lack of natural ventilation in basements is common, thus we install exhaust fans to regulate air exchange- one for bringing in fresh air and another for removing basement air.

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Safeguarding Bathroom Drains with P-Traps

P-traps are integrated into toilets to eliminate foul odors, but bathroom drains can also be a source of unwanted smells. We include P-traps in bathroom drains to address this issue.

Defend Your Space Against Mosquitoes

As a standard feature, all our sliding windows and interior doors are equipped with mosquito mesh to protect your home from unwanted pests.


MS Ladder To Access Mumty

Easily access your attic with an MS ladder, included as a standard feature in all our homes.

Four-Layer Water Storage

Additional layers enhance thermal insulation, ensuring that your water supply remains cool in summer and warm in winter.


Fine-Tuned Water Control

Ensuring uninterrupted water supply, a control valve is placed in each vertical water stack at the terrace level. This prevents a complete shut-off of water in the event of a leak in a bathroom or kitchen pipe.

Basement Drainage Solutions

To guarantee a dry basement, we include two sump pumps as a provision. With a backup pump available, you are always protected from potential water damage.

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High-Quality Building Materials With Factory-Made Bricks

Improve energy efficiency and construction quality with our factory-made cement and fly ash bricks. Compared to traditional red bricks, these bricks offer up to 20% lower AC bills thanks to better thermal insulation and more consistent size and strength.

Top-Mounted Fans

Maximize Energy Savings and Comfort with our BLDC Ceiling Fans. Our fans consume less energy, potentially saving you up to Rs. 1,500 per year. Conveniently control fan speed with a remote, and enjoy a quiet environment with less noise.

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Energy-Efficient Building Coating Solutions

A thermal insulation coating is suggested for exterior walls and terraces to regulate the temperature in your home. This reduces the effects of cold weather in winter and heat in summer, creating a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Multiple Sockets Provided

We ensure you have sufficient power for all your needs with a plentiful supply of 6 amp and 16 amp sockets in all areas of your home. These options accommodate any potential uses during your residency.


Main Door Seal For More Security

To prevent unwanted pests like lizards, cockroaches, and insects from entering your home, a door seal is installed on the main door. This covers the gap between the main door and floor, ensuring a secure and insect-free living environment.

Padded Door With Secure Frame

Avoid the loud noise of doors slamming shut with a cushioned frame. Our doors feature a rubber padding installed on the frame to absorb the impact when the door is closed, creating a quiet and peaceful living environment.

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Occupancy Sensors In Stilt

Effortless lighting control in the stilt area with occupancy sensors. The lights in the stilt ceiling turn on automatically as soon as the space is occupied and turn off once it’s unoccupied, saving energy and providing convenience.