Video Doorbell System

Individual video door phones for each floor are recommended for easier maintenance. Instead of a single outdoor unit serving all four floors, separate units ensure more efficient and convenient upkeep.

Provisioning For AC Pipes

Separate conduits for electrical wires ensure ease of maintenance. Unlike the traditional method of tying copper pipes and electrical wires together and burying them in the wall, our approach keeps the electrical wires separate for easier repair or replacement in the future.


Fresh Water Supply Pipes In Bathroom

Simpler maintenance with fresh water pipes on bathroom walls. By bringing the fresh water pipes from the false ceiling to the bathroom walls, future upkeep is made easier and more convenient.

Concealed Plumbing System

Efficient and leak-detecting plumbing system. Underslung plumbing, commonly used in luxury hotels, offices, and residences, provides ease of maintenance and quick detection of leaks.

Crystalline Waterproofing Solution

Crystalline concrete for lasting waterproofing. By using a crystalline chemical in the concrete mix, the concrete slab becomes waterproof even if scratched or torn, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Textured Wall Finish

Scratch and mark resistant textured walls. In high traffic areas like the stilt or staircase, scratches and marks are easily noticeable. Texture paint provides a more durable solution, resisting dust and marks effectively.


Terrace Water Supply Pipe System

Safe and accessible terrace piping. Traditional overhead tank piping through the terrace floor is economical but poses a problem in case of future leaks or damage. Our preferred method is to route the pipes along the parapet wall, similar to bathroom pipes, for easy maintenance and accessibility.

Toe Walls

We construct concrete toe walls in bathroom, balcony, and terrace edges for added protection against water seepage. The combination of the toe walls and concrete slab creates a robust barrier.

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Stilt Floor Skirting Protection

Washing stilts frequently can cause seepage and damage to walls, but installing skirting that is one foot high can provide extra protection and prevent these issues.