Over 200 Drawings Available

More than 200 detailed, comprehensive drawings are provided for on-site construction, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings. These drawings serve as the basis for construction and ensure that work is executed accurately.

Electric Car Charging Provision

No need to worry about electric car charging with a provision in the stilt. When you purchase an electric car, you can easily charge it with the provided charging point.


Double The Internet With Two Connections

Double your internet security with two connections. Having two internet services, one as backup, ensures seamless internet use, important in today’s dependent world.

Prevent Tank Overflow With Overflow Provision

Protect your tanks with an overflow pipe and NRV. In case of tank overflow, extra water is redirected to a rainwater harvesting tank, and an NRV prevents reverse flow.

Curing Chemical

Maximize efficiency with curing compounds. Water-based curing has been replaced in large projects like group housing by compounds, reducing water wastage. These compounds ensure structure durability, improving overall project efficiency.

Thickness Of Wall

Maximize strength with thicker walls. 9 inch wall thickness is preferred for external walls and internal walls with concealed fixtures or niches, ensuring better strength and durability of the structure.


Specific Quality Definition Of Bricks, Sand, Aggregate etc.

Eliminate uncertainty with defined material quality criteria. We specify the quality standards for common building materials like bricks, sand, and aggregate in a clear manner to minimize confusion and ensure top-quality construction.

Rain Water Harvesting

Collect and reuse rainwater with our included rainwater harvesting system. Our homes feature a pit to filter and slowly release rainwater into the ground, helping to conserve underground water levels. Overflow provision included for heavy rains.

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Precision In Plaster Proportions

At a minimum, the plaster ratio should include cement, coarse sand, and fine sand for optimal balance of strength and workability. The right mix ensures that coarse sand provides strength and fine sand enhances workability.

Protecting Your Space With Confidence

Stay Safe and Secure with Our Intrusion Alarm System. Glass break or forced entry triggers a loud alarm and SMS alert. Enjoy peace of mind with easy maintenance, included in our warranty.

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Preventing Tank Preventing Tank Overflows

Safeguard Your Underground Tank with Our Overflow System. In case of overflow, the water is redirected to the rainwater system for safe disposal.